Garage Door Repairs Sunshine Coast

Smart Doors & Gates provide servicing to garage doors and automatic gates for our customers in Caloundra, the Sunshine Coast, and North Brisbane. We recommend servicing your garage door and motor every 12 months for residential houses. Commercial doors and openers should be serviced more frequently depending on usage. A high usage door or gate, should be serviced quarterly (every 3 months). We can arrange maintenance contracts for High Rise Buildings with high usage doors, Gated Communities, Retirement Villages and Unit Complexes. Preventative maintenance is the best option to ensure the effective operation of your door.


For service and repairs to your garage door, for general up keep or when minor accidents happen. If your garage door is showing any wear and tear it may become a safety hazard!

  • Are your springs tensioned correctly?
  • Is your door heavy to lift?
  • Do your cables show signs of corrosion or freying?
  • Is your door or motor noisy?
  • Are your tracks free of dirt and grime?
  • Is your roller door webbing intact?
  • Have you got any broken hinges?
  • Are your fixings secure?

Regular servicing and preventative maintenance on your garage door may prevent serious accidents and inconveniences!


For those accidents or mishaps that cannot wait and you need a technician on the same day!


For the high usage door or gate. High rise buildings, Unit Complexes and Gated Communities generally have an entry / exit gate or door that can be used constantly throughout the day. Depending on the usage we offer servicing that can be pre arranged to suit your needs.

Frequency Options:
  • Monthly
    (Every month)
  • Quarterly
    (Every 3 months)
  • 6 Monthly
    (Every 6 months)
  • Yearly
    (Every 12 months)


Especially designed for Retirement Villages, Gated Communities, Apartment Buildings with individual garages. For servicing for 10 or more garage doors, a minimum of 10 doors in one day, all must be serviced as a group during the same time period.

Please give the office a call for special discounted rates.


For those emergencies that cannot wait. After Hours is from 4.30pm to 7.30am weekdays, and all weekend.

Please Note: Smart Doors and Gates do not do warranty work after hours.

  • Electrical works must be done by a licensed electrician; we arrange to have this work subcontracted as required.
  • Replacements and repairs are excluded from the service charges. Your authority will be needed for any such works and will be charged for on a time and material basis.
  • Replacement and repair of all locking devices.