Frequently Asked Questions

• Do you supply free quotes?
Smart Doors & Gates are happy to provide you with a free quote. Upon quote request one of our Sales Representatives will contact you to organise a time that suits you to attend your property. Our Sales Representative will take all measurements required, show you samples of our products and discuss what you would like for your home. Written quotations will then be either emailed or posted to you. Approximate quotes can be given over the phone, however will always be subject to site inspection.

• I lost my remotes, what can I do?
Smart Doors and Gates have a range of remotes available for purchase. We can guide you with coding instructions so you can code the new remote yourself or we can attend your property for a minimal charge and code remotes for you. If you have lost your remote near your home or think it may have been stolen, we recommend deleting all codes from your motor and then re coding the remaining remotes back in, keeping your home secure from unwanted guests.

• What areas do you service?
Smart Doors & Gates service the entire Sunshine Coast including the Hinterland, north to Gympie and South to Brisbane – including Noosa, Cooroy, Bribie Island, Glasshouse Mountains, Caboolture, Redcliffe

• Do you fix / repair garage doors?
Smart Doors & Gates fix and repair all brands of garage doors. Some doors are however unable to be repaired, if this is the case, we will provide you with a free quote to replace either the damaged panel or the entire door.

• Do you deal with Insurance Claims
Yes we do, Smart Doors & Gates is happy to give you a quote to forward to your insurance company with your Claim details on it or if preferred, we can deal with the insurance company directly.

• What kind of warranty do you offer on your products?
Warranties vary between different manufacturers. As a general rule of thumb: Garage Doors have a 12 month warranty; Residential Openers have a 2 year warranty (some suppliers provide a 5 year warranty on certain parts within the motor); Commercial Openers have a 12 month warranty; Service work has a 3 month warranty. It is best to check warranty details on purchasing your new products.

• How often should I have my garage door and motor serviced?
Smart Doors & Gates recommend servicing your garage door and motor every 12 months for residential houses. Commercial doors and openers should be service more frequently depending on usage. A high usage door or gate, should be serviced quarterly (every 4 months). We can arrange maintenance contracts for High Rise Buildings with high usage doors, Gated Communities, Retirement Villages and Unit Complexes. Preventative maintenance is the best option to ensure the effective operation of your door.

• Can my remote be coded into my gate and garage door?
One remote can be used for both the gate operation and the garage door operation if both motors are the same brand and frequency. If they are different brands a Receiver can be put on one of the motors so the remotes will work both units. Eg. If you have a Gliderol Garage Door Motor and a Smart Openers Gate Motor., a Gliderol Receiver would be put on the Smart Opener Gate Motor and the Gliderol remotes would work both units.

• My remote won’t work, what should I do?
The first thing you should try if your remote doesn’t work is to change the battery. Ensure your replacement battery is new, the contacts on the remote are clean and the battery is in the correct way. Sometimes remotes lose their codes, so the next step is to re code the remote to the motor. Check any other remotes to see that they are working also. Please remember remotes are electronic devices and should be treated with care. Do not store in direct sunlight and heat and always avoid water.

• What brand of products do you sell?
Smart Doors & Gates sell all brands of garage doors and motors. Our Designer Doors are manufactured in our factory in Moffat Beach. Our Gates are also manufactured in Moffat Beach.